quarta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2014

Reading an old love letter


Your absence was the worst thing I have ever felt in my life. It was like a black hole opened on my chest.
I felt so empty and hopeless with no purpose. You're the light of my life and without you everything else loses its purpose. You make me feel alive, happy, focus, capable, loved and as if I was the biggest and luckiest in the world.
     In fact, there are no words to describe everything that I feel and all the effect you have on me. A simple smile makes my day better, when you hug me tight, when you look inside of my eyes with your hair down your face, all of it just makes me feel in a way that is impossible to explain.
     I know we had our ups and downs and we will still having it, but it' all worth if I am on your side. I know that together we can do anything Babe, we can beat and conquer the world because nothing is stranger than what we have.
     I want to spend the rest od my life with you Babe, you're my love, my everything.
     I love you so much and I feel so fortunate and lucky and most of all happy for having you in my love.

Love you always


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